Omar Rabbolini

Entrepreneur | Software Engineer | Creative

Milan > London > Hong Kong > Taipei

About Me

MSc Computer Science - University of Westminster - London, UK.

Software engineer since 1998.

Top-level engineering manager (VP / Head / Director) since 2012.

Entrepreneur since 2018.

Worked across three continents in Software Engineering for over 20 years, and lived in four countries.

Been through a Google acquisition once.

Now working on the next great thing with my co-founders and our awesome team at Steed Technology in Taiwan.

Free Resources

Here are some articles from my Medium portfolio to get you started.

On Engineering

The Three Key Traits Of Great Software Engineers

Where we look at common aspects of great people and bust some outdated myths

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How To Develop Your Problem Solving Skills

To become a better software engineer

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Overcoming Introversion

The story of a brilliant engineer who learned to work in a team

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On Management

Structuring Your Software Engineering Team

How to implement a scalable structure that grows with your startup

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Planning And Estimation

How good planning and estimation can help you deliver robust software on time

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Metrics and KPIs

How to improve your team’s performance through objective observation

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