What is a Drilbu?

Drilbu is the Tibetan name of a prayer bell. Its ringing brings clarity to the practitioner, freeing them from the spiral of thoughts ever whirling in the mind.

Our team

Omar R. - Picture

Omar R.

A tech entrepreneur with a solid background in Software Engineering spanning several years of experience in the research & development of web applications, mobile software and AI.

His experience in management and software architecture comes from disparate realities, encompassing technical consultancy, SaaS development and the production of boxed software. He also co-authored two patents on the topic of DRM technology.

Omar is based in Hong Kong for good, with prior working experience in UK and Europe.

Why "Drilbu.com"?

As a prayer bell provides clarity of mind to the practitioner, our hope is that sharing lessons learned will provide insights to the reader on modern development practices, encouraging professional growth, and producing better* software as a result.


*Better in this context meaning: more robust, more scalable and more maintainable.